Blusmart Bike Lock Cable

Blusmart Bike Lock Cable,Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Locks
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    Smart integrated 5-digit resettable combination Security lock- The original password is 00000, with indexed number dials for error-free combination setting, it's easy to reset password and open with your personal password.

    Strong resistance from saw cutting tools and water- It consist of strong, durable twisted metal cables inside and a transparent coating colored rubber outside. What's more, the cable lock pin was made from waterproof metal.

    Heavy Duty to lock up bicycle, scooter, grills and other items that need to be secured- The length of the cable lock is 6 Feet (1.8m), and the diameter is 0.5-Inch,Heavy Duty with 1.4Lb, long and thick enough for your use.

    Flexible mount to hold the cable lock on your bike- The bicycle lock comes with a mount for your bike so you can easily take this with you, without needing a backpack or basket to carry it.

    Cable Lock will not be out of shape even the temperature reaches 40 centigrade with the high quality strong material. 1 year warranty.Instructional Video:

    Blusmart bike lock, it's our dedication that differentiates us from other sellers. We're continuously training our team to provide the highest levels and quality of our bike lock. Blusmart Team believes in getting you perfect experience on the shopping as satisfied and as possible.
             Blusmart bike lock can be used for bicycle, scooter, grills and many other items which you want to lock. The high quality of bike lock will protect your events security. No matter where you want to go, you never need to worry something will be stolen.
             Covered by high quality PVC and steel materials: Non-toxic and friendly environmental.
    180cm/12mm performance twisted steel metal cables: Resist cutting, prying and jacking to protect your bike safety.

             Designed with 5 bit digit password level: More than 100000 combinations, it is diffcult to open due to taking 5000mins, which is a perfect solution for protecting.

             Mounting Basket: can be fixed on the bicycle axles and convenient for you to carry when ride out.


    Blusmart bike lock is not only 180CM long and 12MM thicker, which is stronger than the other common bike locks but also 100000 password combinations that required 5000mins to open and it is very difficult to cut it by wire cutter, hacksaws, bolt cutters or hammers.


    The length of Blusmart bike lock is 1.8 m, but you can put 2 or more our bike locks together if you need longer.


    A professional team on bike lock, which deals only with the development of locks.
    We commit ourselves to using qualitative locks to improve you into a comfortable and enjoyable life.