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Distianert WJL00028 1:12 4WD Electric Amphibious RC Car, 2.4GHz 12KM/H High Speed Monster Truck, Off-/on-Road Buggy for All Terrain
Bullet PointProduct Description

    ★ Climbing Yet Diving: The upgraded distianert 1:12 Amphibious RC Car gets the completely waterproof body and rugged wide tires. It is great at rock crawling and guarantees protection in water up to 50m deep. The powerful 4WD drivetrain tackles all terrain, including grass, mud, sand etc.

    ★ Impressive Off-Road Tires: The eco-friendly high-quality TPR rubber tires help the buggy float on water. The extra-wide and rough tires have better traction and grip road surfaces, maximizing rock-crawling performance.

    ★ Two Motors, Thundering Speed: The ready-to-run monster truck features both front and back motors, creating quicker acceleration and pretty amazing speeds out of your vehicle. It makes the car to flexibly drive forward, back up, turn left/right, climb slope and crawl rocks without effort.

    ★ Driving With Full Energy: 2 7.2V 700mAh NiCd batteries + 1 USB charger add bonus of improved efficiency and longer run time. The car will last for 20min with charging time of 240min. Note: Due to memory effect, please fully charge the battery before using it for the first time and fully discharge it before recharging. (The red light flashes during charging period. After fully charging, the light will be off.)

    ★ Free Parts & Replacement Service: For your convenience, we’ll happily replace small pieces (eg. screws & r clips) for each customer, plus 1-year free return/refund warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further problem. We are glad to help!

    Distianert 1:12 4WD Electric Amphibious RC Car for All Terrain

    ★-Achieves fastest land speed of 12km/h and water speed of 2km/h

    ★-4WD drivetrain, amphibious for ultimate challenges and endless fun

    ★-Flexibly drives forward, backs up, makes left/right/u turns and stops everywhere 

    ★-Fully waterproof for tough racing and capable of climbing 45° slope with ease

    ★-Premium quality PVC body shell and ABS material deliver long-lasting durability

    ★-Wide remote control distance up to 50m

    ★-Needs 3 AA batteries (Not Included) for the remote control