Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener, BFULL Cordless Bottle Opener Electric Corkscrew, 2PCS Opener Includes Automatic Wine Opener, Air Pressure Wine Opener
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      OPEN ANY WINE BOTTLE EFFORTLESSLY Struggling with stuck corks, weak bottle corkscrews and messy kitchen countertops? Our Wine Electric Wine Bottle Opener is your best choice. It can open up to 80 wine bottles! Even the most difficult ones! Perfect for red, white, roséwine, beer, champagne, and others.

      INCLUDE 2PCS WINE OPENER Why you need a professional electric/air pressure wine opener? Because the wine opener is specially designed to gently remove the cork from the expensive, old wine, and to help keep original mellow flavor.

      MANY TOOLS THAN OTHERS IN SET One electric wine bottle opener, one air pump wine opener, 2pcs vacuum bottle stoppers, one wine pourer, one foil cuter. You will have more choice when open the wine.

      PORTABLE TO TAKE ALONG Cordless and lightweight design, BFULL wine opener has no extra cord requirements, just put in batteries everywhere. Without hassle of pulling, twisting or broken cork pieces when using.

      LONG LIFETIME WARRANTY Whatever questions you have, we commit LIFETIME WARRANTY with replacement or money back on our wine opener for you, friendly service will be there for you.

    Easy to Open 60-80pcs Wines

    Please put 4pcs AA new batteries into electronic wine opener for the first time, which is more portable and safe.

    Do not worry charger is broken or lose, because it is a little difficult to match.

    It will open 60-80pcs wines with new batteries, save your money.

    It is really a good gift for your family or friends.

    More Accessories than Others (6pcs)

    One electronic wine opener for  red, white, roséwine, beer, champagne, and others.

    One vacuum wine opener for your old, good wine which keep wines good taste. Of  course, you also can use to open common wine.

    One foil cutter for easy for opening tin foil.

    One wine aerator pourer for avoid spilling.

    Two vacuum stoppers for keep the original flavor of the wine.

    Just 4 Seconds to Open a Wine with Bfull Electric Wine Bottle Opener.

    Step1: Using the foil cutter, cut and remove the wine bottle foil. 

    Step2: Insert the needle fully into the wooden cork. 

    Step3: Press down button until the cork is pulled out. 

    Step4: Press the upper part of the button to release the cork

    Perfect for Home Party

    This wine opener set is perfect for your home party, enjoy happy time with your family.

    Perfect for Warm Dinner

    This wine opener set is perfect for warm dinner, invite your friends, and happy together.

    Perfect for Wine Party

    This wine opener set is perfect for wine party, who is wine lover, two different kinds of opener meet all your needs, just enjoy the wine.