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Blusmart OBD Auto Code Reader Helps You Check Your Car - Review By Addy

June 20, 2018, 10:11 am
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The prospect of my car breaking down could not have crossed your mind sometime back. I had an urgent meeting, and it is on an eventful day that my car crashed in the middle of the road. I realized the importance of having an inbuilt onboard diagnostic scan tool.

In spite of the realization, having just an OBD 2 scan tool was not enough. There are professional tools that would suit both the needs of a novice and a mechanic. I needed just something of the sort.

With my little knowledge and good internet skills, I ended up buying the Blusmart OBD MATE OBDII Auto Code Reader which I found to be quite helpful. Let’s look at some of its top areas;

The Pros of Blusmart OBD MATE

I liked the tool for its convenience as it offered me an opportunity to read the various error codes on my car. Since it has different language supports and covers the aspects of reading, turning off the check engine light and saving of the data, it suited my need.

The scan tool comes with an air of surety and suits the needs of mechanics as well. The best thing about it is that it allows you to rectify any car fault in record time and so ensures a longer life for your vehicle.


As part of my needs revolved around cost, I loved the fact that the tool came with a free battery thus cutting my costs.

As is the case with most users, the code reader is a darling to many. Its extensive coverage of both the generic and manufacturer specific codes leaves no doubt as to its capacity.Also, its coverage of most of the protocols makes it an ideal tool for fault code reading and repairs.

I have liked the fact that this device does not need to use batteries. Some of the OBD 2 tools that use batteries that I have owned have always been sluggish. Beside, the small nature of the tool makes it easy to connect, safe to connect with an easy to read LCD backlight interface that allows better access to data.

This tool is both durable and good looking. Also, you can be sure that the various aspects of the tool are a good step in trying to solve the several car engine fault issues that I used to experience.

The Cons of Blusmart OBD MATE

Though there are so many active areas that the tool gives to the user, there are negative points that any user need to take into account. Let’s look at some of the areas in question;

I noted that the tool does not get to read the various fault codes this field found on the VW car model. Because this car is my favorite car brand, I had to contend with getting the codes and not being able to understand their meanings.

In the course of its use, my friend lamented that the tool could not solve some of the issues he had with the airbag. Since it is one tool made to target the engine, it may not be an ideal implement for use on large scans.


By and large, the fact that this is a targeted tool makes it an attractive device. For instance, covering on the specific US, European and Asian OBD2 Protocol Cars gives most users the reprieve to conform to the rules of the environmental protection agency. It’s a must buy.