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An Effective Way Of Keeping Your Bike Secure - Reviews by Dominic_Chapman

June 22, 2018, 12:43 pm
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Welcome to my Blusmart Combination Bike Lock review. Nowadays bicycle theft is everywhere and unless you have a decent lock on your bike you are pretty much at risk of becoming a victim of this crime.

Design and strength:

The lock consists of a thick twisted set of metal wire that is covered by a waterproof plastic to protect it from rusting and eventually deteriorating. When stretched out flat the cable length is 6 feet. The diameter of the cable is 0.56 inches. So you get a nice long and very thick cable to keep your bike nice and secure. I can tell just by trying to squeeze the cable that this lock is very tough.

The lock mechanism is controlled by 5 numerical digits. The default code before you set your own is 00000. Changing this code is quite simple, you simply unlock the lock first and once opened you twist the lock catch clockwise and set the five digits to the code you want before turning the lock catch back to its original position.

When not in use, the lock can be kept on your bike’s seat pole using the included lock holder. Also present is a drawstring bag, which is useful if you don’t want your bike to be overcome with things stored on it as you can place the lock in the drawstring bag and then place that in something such as a rucksack.

In use:

Luckily I haven’t had anyone attempt to steal my bike since getting this lock, however, I reckon it won’t be long before someone tries, but I also reckon they’ll try and fail. I reckon this because not only do I keep an eye on my bike from a window but also that it would take a bit longer than normal for an experienced thief to chop through this compared to the thinner locks I have had in the past.


This lock looks and feels very strong, so strong in fact it will most likely take even the most experienced thief quite a while to chop through it, which means there is more chance of them getting caught in the act or they may just give up trying

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ArtMassage    February 9, 2021, 5:36 am

Please help  me I have Bluesmart as a gift, after set up all functions, it just simply doesn't switch off after 300 sec. Now is more than 48h gone and is still on. With best regrards Artur

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